24 august 2007

My radio shack

Today I decided to put some pictures and some descriptions of my equipments on this site.
Because of limited space here, I made a custom-designed furniture. From the room, it looks like a bookcase but from lateral is my radio shack...
So, here are the pictures:
1-IBM Thinkpad T43 for home operation. For Portable I use a smaller one, without optical unit, just the minimum needs: X40. Both have extended battery for a minimum 4 hours usage;
2-ALINCO DM 330 MVE switching power supply with a 12V/12A SLA back-up battery; Yaesu MD-1ooDesktop microphone modified to work with Kenwood radios.
3-Main radio unit: Kenwood TS2000X with a 2m/70cm diplexer on the upper side. The diplexer is visible on the last picture (Hi res);
4-Secondary radio unit: Yaesu FT857D. Two ATU: AT11-MP (for Kenwood radio and a smaller Z100 for Yaesu FT857D. For 2m, a dedicated Icom IC2100H (with a dipole antenna at my window. I live at 8'th floor!). In the left side of this unit, is a small Frequency counter housed in a pager case. This is very useful to capture what's on air in proximity...
5-Home made 1.5Ghz frequency counter;
6-Various devices. A Graupner Ultramat 25 multirole battery charger-maintainer-analyzer unit (very useful for charging portable batteries).
7-10 various portable radios: Alinco DJ-G5, Yaesu VX-150, Motorola GP300, Kenwood TH-F7 and Vertex VX-10 UHF,

I have 3 cables up to the roof (pictures coming soon) for a x-5000 triband antenna, a vertical home made HF multiband (from a fishpole stick) and one is left for future development (HI).
Also, like I said, I have a vertical dipole on my window just for 2m local QSO. "Local" means that I can open repeaters about 130km away...

For VHF/UHF I used Heliax cable and for HF LMR.
The three cables are routed behind the radios, inside the furniture, except the window-dipole which is routed by a pipe through the wall.

I do not make my own radios because I do not have so much time and patience but I like to eperiment with antennas!

Software I use for ham "business":

-Ham radio Deluxe;

I plan to use a RigExpert Standard USB interface (I wait the shipment) for digital modes. Now I use a home made... hm... interface (just plain wires and connectors) in order to make some order here!

You can call me on 20m band in PSk31, Olivia, AMTOR and other digital modes...

So... this is my shack!


4 comentarii:

Anonim spunea...

m-ai convins sa-mi fac si eu un blog! felicitari! yo9fmp

Adrian (YO3HJV) spunea...

Multumesc! Succes si tie! Sa ma anunti pe aici cand ii dai drumul!

yo3gjc spunea...

Salut Adrian.
Ma bucur sa te vad in blogosfera :-)) poate la anu' ne vedem si la o BR ca pe vremuri, am incercat sa dau jos iso...dar se pare ca trebuie sa stau la coada.

Adrian (YO3HJV) spunea...

Sunt de multisor prin blogosfera maestre! Te astept la o BR RC. Na!

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