18 septembrie 2007

Echolink Bucharest

Due to the timless life I have, I was unable to run on a permanent basis this Echolink node.
Fortunately, it is another one here, full time available, YO3KYD which cover the city of Bucharest!
You are invited to access this node!
Freq: 145.550 FM
Node number: 379326

Meantime, I found a Motorola GM900 radio for the UHF echolink node!!! I hope I'll find some time to setup the UHF node here in Bucharest!
12 aug.2008

73! de yo3hjv

This week-end I started again the Echolink 2m node.

There was no more echolink node for Bucharest in he past year due to some malfunction in the yo3hcv-l we experienced. That node was running for more than 3 years with the help of 2 friends, YO3FUU and YO3HCV. It's a pitty because we have had a "vanity" node number, 144.900 which was the frequency on which we run the VHF node.
Now I started the VHF node, but the one designated for UHF, in 144.300 Mhz. I plan to find a UHF Motorola radio to make it work under YO3HJV-L callsign, but I think this will be next year as will be a entirely private investment.

I intend to keep this node operational as long as I can.

Here are the info's:
Frq: 145.300mhz, CTCSS 103,5, node number:43750
Max key down: 210 sec, for both TX and RX to and from Internet.
Output power: 50W, antenna heigh is around 45m, so I will expect a good coverage of 80km around.
The radio is Kenwood TS2000X, Rigexpert+IBM Thinkad T43.
The node is in beta. I plan to use a dedicated radio I have around, Icom IC2100H with a dedicated antenna. Something like an open dipole for a good omnidirectional coverage.
Please feel free to call !

73! de YO3HJV

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