03 septembrie 2007

How to disable System Beep - Dezactivarea sunetului de sistem

Tested on XP Home Edition and XP-Pro SP2.

This post is useful for Digimodes especially when the computer's audio output is wired directly into the transceiver and VOX is used for PTT. Maybe you noticed that a system error (like two keys on the keyboard pushed simultaneous) give a loud "ding" sound into the speaker. On a big desktop PC, the system beep will be heard from the main board buzzer but on a laptop, the sound will be generate directly into the speakers. It's shure that we don't want to be sent over the air by VOX feature on the transceiver!
So, how to disable this without compromising the speakers?
First, go to START>SETTINGS, then select SYSTEM.
On Device manager window, in the menu bar, select VIEW and then, SHOW HIDDEN DEVICES. Look in the list and you will see "BEEP" listed. Right-click on it!
DISABLE is the magic word!
So, that was!
73! de yo3hjv

Testat pe Windows XP Home Edition si Windows XP-PRO SP2

Urmatoarele instructiuni sunt utile celor care folosesc un laptop conectat la un transceiver pentru modurile digitale, iar pentru trecerea in emisie se foloseste functia VOX.
Dezactivarea alarmei de sistem (un beep puternic) se poate face foarte usor parcurgand urmatorii pasi:
In fereastra DEVICE MANAGER, meniul VIEW se desfasoara oferind optiunea SHOW HIDDEN DEVICES.
In lista de periferice va fi afisat "BEEP". Apasati cu butonul dreapta al mouse-ului pentru afisarea meniului contextual. In acest meniu, selectati optiunea DISABLE.

73 de yo3hjv

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sai.gani123 spunea...

This is an simple article on system beeps.From now onwards it is more easy for me to prevent system beeps

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