10 ianuarie 2010

RACAL Panther 2000-V - Tactical radio

This is how it sounds!

The Panther V Enhanced Data Radio (EDR) is a core element of the latest generation Panther EDR frequency hopping military radio family. It represents the smallest and lightest tactical 20 watt manpack and vehicle radio available today, offering un-paralleled Electronic Protection Measures (EPM), data and user capabilities in the 30 to 108 MHz military radio band.

Panther V, although available as a 20 watt manpack, has co-site filtering built in to the basic transceiver. By connecting the radio directly to the 24-volt vehicle supply, Panther V will operate as an extremely compact 20-watt vehicle station in multi-radio installations. For higher power, Panther V connects to a vehicle interface unit providing a power output of 50 watts. Even in this high powered role, the volume of Panther offers considerable savings over similar radios from its nearest competitors.

  • Operating in the 30 -108 MHz frequency range, Panther V-EDR offers unsurpassed communications performance for a radio a fraction of the size and weight of the current generation of equipment.
  • The Panther V-EDR which is now in service in many countries around the word, has been described as the easiest to use tactical VHF EPM radio available today. Fully automatic initial and late entry synchronisation in all EPM modes, coupled with the user friendly controls, ensures that communicating is easy and reliable even for inexperienced operators.
  • Essential to multi-media radio networks is an on-air management system able to provide voice priority and maximum throughput of data at the same time. Panther EDR has been designed with built in multiple radio access protocols, allowing integrated voice and data throughput on a radio net. Carrier Sense Multiple Access (CSMA) automatically controls data flow across a radio network and is essential for managed mixed voice and data networks.
  • The advanced facilities provided in the new Panther V-EDR further simplify end enhance the radio s operation, including the introduction of a full dot matrix alphanumeric display for mode indication, easy to use menu structure, and programmable radio net names.
  • The Panther V-EDR radio incorporates the very latest in Digital Signal Processing technology providing a truly software configurable digital architecture radio design. This means that the flexible design and processing power available will ensure that future upgrades, to meet specific operational requirements, can be achieved throughout the in service life of the radio. Software upgrades are achieved without the need to open the radio, thus ensuring that future requirements can be met in the field.
  • To achieve the compact design and high reliability of the radio, comprehensive use of surface mount technology has been made with over 95% of the components being SMDs.
  • The Panther V-EDR radio provides the option for seamless transfer of GPS position information from the externally connected GPS receiver (Internal option available for PANTHER V-EDR GPS). Position information is available on request (polled) or sent with each transmission. By embedding the position coordinates within the encrypted on air link protocol, the information is completely protected from enemy intercept, and additionally is transparent to the radio's voice and data transmissions.


  • Frequency range 30 to 108 MHz
  • Multi role: integrated transceiver
    • Manpack
    • Vehicle clip - in
    • 20watt vehicle fit
  • Smallest 20Watt EPM manpack/vehicle transceiver available
  • Compact 50 Watt amplifier
  • Integral vehicle harness interface
  • Internal GPS option
  • Dedicated GPS interface
  • and 3 way re-broadcast facility
  • Alphanumeric display
  • Technology: >95% SMD
  • Fully automatic synchronisation
  • Combat proven optimised frequency hopping algorithms
  • Free channel search with frequency hopping interoperation
  • Integral high level 16kb/s digital encryption
  • Custom crypto solutions
  • Interoperable with fixed frequency transceivers
  • Interoperable in all Jaguar V EPM modes
  • Hailing facility
  • Two frequency simplex operation
  • Channel Scanning capability
  • Intercom facility
  • Tactical Inter-net data service support
  • Dual 115kb/s RS232 interface
  • 9.6 kb/s data throughput with comprehensive FEC
  • Integral CSMA for Packet data applications
  • Multiple Simultaneous data calls (MSA)
  • TDMA support for Weapon / Sensor system (option)
  • Automatic voice / data recognition


  • WindowsTM based Messaging / Email / file transfer application
  • Packet data overlay support
  • Situation awareness (GPS)
  • Command Information Systems support
  • Slow scan video transmission

  • WindowsTM based Radio Programmer Software (option)
  • WindowsTM based Extended Control Software Development Tool Kit (option)
  • Comprehensive Over The Air Re-programming with secure / hopping protection
  • Key generation software (option)
  • Comprehensive multi-level BIT
  • Integral Electronic Log Record (ELR)
  • Software upgrade package (option)
  • Simultaneous multiple selective voice calls (MSA)
  • Programmable Net Names
  • Operator authentication and identification
  • Alarm and alert functions (option)
  • Commander break - in facility (option)
  • Software radio architecture upgradeable for customer specific functionality


The Panther V - EDR is a core element of the latest generation Panther Enhanced Digital Radio (EDR) family. It represents the smallest and lightest tactical 20 watt manpack and vehicle radio available today, offering un-paralleled EPM, data and user capabilities in the 30 to 108 MHz military radio band.


The Panther V - EDR manpack transceiver provides 5 and 20 watts of RF power with un-matched co-site capability enabling operation in multi-radio locations where the majority of similar manpack radios would fail. The transceiver's superior co-site performance also enables the manpack to be operated in a vehicle clip-in configuration, with colocated 50 watt VHF radios, delivering up to 20 watts through the vehicle antenna.


The Panther V- EDR transceiver can be installed as a dedicated compact 20 watt vehicle radio in land based tracked and wheeled vehicles as well as airborne and naval platforms. Vehicle harness interfacing and power conditioning have integrated within the transceiver, thus providing a single unit solution.
For high RF power vehicle and base station operation, the Panther V - EDR transceiver interfaces to the BCC 767 amplifier unit providing 50 watts in a compact size that similar systems have been unable to achieve.



30 to 108 MHz fixed frequency
30 to 88 MHz and frequency hopping
3120 frequencies at 25 kHz spacing


8 programmable nets storing all operational information and synchronisation status (battery backed)


Fixed clear (FC) and fixed secure (FS) multimedia voice, data, video, messaging, situation awareness)
Frequency hopping secure (FHS) multimedia - optimised at 1000hps
Mixed Free Channel Search (FCS) frequency hopping automatic net operation


Fixed clear voice
Frequency hopping hailing
Jaguar V EPM modes
Channel Scanning Mode (8 channels-FC)
Two Frequency Simplex (FS)


All frequency hopping
4/16/256 user specified frequency
256 channels orthogonal hopping (8 guaranteed orthogonal sets)
32 barred bands per programmed channel


Fully automatic for both initial set up and late entry procedures
Passive and active late entry
Independent of external time of day information
All synchronisation can be achieved without a Master station in the radio net Radio silence - indefinite


High level digital stream cypher encryption covering all media transmissions
Number of keys greater than 1022


Dual audio input
Dual RS232 data ports with flow control
Connection to Combat Net radio Interface / Radio
Gateway capability to Allied Forces EPM CNR radios (option)


Baseband data connections up to 115 kb/s
Asynchronous / synchronous data throughput up to 16 kb/s
Asynchronous / synchronous data throughput up to 9.6 kb/s with FEC
Reed Solomon Forward Error Correction (FEC), binary block coding and interleaving
Multiple Simultaneous Access (MSA) - up to 100 selective FHS data calls per net
Carrier Sense Multiple Access (CSMA) with dynamic net management
Automatic voice / data recognition


Selective call and radio banning
Multiple Simultaneous Access (MSA) - up to 100 selective FHS voice calls per net
Integral Over the Air Re-keying (Frequency, key and net information)
Authentication with operator and transceiver identification


Comprehensive multi-level Built In Test (BIT)
Integral Electronic Log Record includes: serial number, user defined record, automatic fault log, radio duty cycle
In field software upgrade capability


In -built 2 wire remote control/retransmission (up to 4Km)
2 and 3 way re-broadcast capability
Intercom facility over D10 field wire
Extended control and programming from a PC based Windows application


5W/20W Manpack radio: 5MHz frequency separation; 1,5 metres
20W /50W Vehicle radio: 5MHz frequency separation; 1,5 metres


Output Power: (nominal)
Manpack configuration: 100mW, 5W at 12V DC,

100mW, 5W, 20W at 24V DC,
Vehicle/base station configuration: 100mW, 5W, 20W, 50W (with amplifier) at 24V DC
Harmonic Suppression: Better than 50dB below carrier

Spurious Emissions: Better than 60dB below carrier for greater than 25kHz offset

AF Response: Voice 300Hz-3.0kHz


Sensitivity: Better than -115dBm at 10dB SINAD
Spurious Response: Better than 85dB
AF Response: Voice 300Hz-3.0kHz
AF Output Power: 20mW nominal for each socket in to 300 ohms
Squelch: Carrier, 150 Hz tone and 16 kb/s


Supply Voltage: 12V or 24V DC nominal
Primary or rechargeable batteries or vehicle supply
Protection Against: Supply polarity reversal
Open /Short circuit RF connection RF input 65V (EMF ) applied Spike/Surge DEF STANDARD 61-05 (Q STAG 307) 24V DC at Remoter Line Terminals


Temperature range: -40'C to +70 C
Environmental Specification: MIL STD 810E
Nuclear Hardened: EMP protected


Height: Width: Depth: Weight: Volume:
Transciever: 90 mm 230 mm 205 mm 4.4 kg 4.24 litres
50W Amplifier: 70 mm 230 mm 230 mm 4.2 kg 3.70 litres

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