21 iulie 2021


 I planned to work HF/portable from Dubrovnik when coming back from Austria but, unfortunately, the change of pandemic rules for entering the country was subbject to a last minute change thus I replanned my trip.

I ended on the Lake Balaton, in Hungary and I spent my birthday there with my wife and my daughter, on a very nice villa with a beautifull view and a balcony that was the perfect spot for my HF portable setup.

I had with me the little Xiegu G90 with some portable HF antennas from which the MP-1 was the "hero".

I managed to work in 20m band some YO stations from Bucharest, Constanta, Timisoara and Brasov and from Bulgaria and on the West side, Finland, Germany and UK.

It was nice but I am a little sad I could not reach Dubrovnik!

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