12 iulie 2021

Protecting the ham radio station against lightning and EMP

 Lightning is a natural event with a tremendous destructive power. You have the electric hit and the associated EMP hit; you have to match protection for both.

For many years, Polyphaser set the standard in industry.

Here are some documents to read about lighning and protection against it, those documents are in PDF format and the links are from Polyphaser website. Click on them, download and keep it stored!

-The Lighning Event;

-Significance of Surge Protection for Radios;

-EMP Mitigation - Protection Land Mobile Vehicles from HEMP

-Coaxial Cable Protection

-Equipment Rack Grounding

-Halo Grounds

-Ham Radio Station Protection

-Insulated Support Structures

-Lightning Protection Location

-Tower Mounted Electronics Protection

-Tower Strikes and Solutions

-EMP Mitigation

-Built-in protection... Can You Trust It?

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