12 ianuarie 2010

Some interesting frequencies to listen

As the local traffic is going boring and boring, I often listen "other" frequencies.
Here are some interesting HF frequencies related to maritime radio traffic:

Informal net frequencies change, but may be:

Atlantic: 8104/8107kHz at 0800UT

Pacific: 8143kHz at 1600UT

Formal Nets:

Med Net 8122kHz at 0630UT

Maritime Mobile Net 14300/14313 24hrs (HAM net)

Herbs Atlantic Net 12359kHz 2000UT (check in from 1940UT)

Caribbean Net 8104kHz 1215UT

Pacific Maritime Net 21412kHz 2200UT

Pacific Seafarers Net 14300kHz 0230UT (HAM net)

Coconut Net (Fr Poly) 8188kHz 1730UT

Coconut Net (SW Pac) 12353kHz 1830UT

Rag of the Air (SW Pac) 8173kHz 1900UT

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