31 ianuarie 2010

TH-D7 PG-4W programming cable diagram

Well, I just received a very nice Kenwood TH-D7G(II) portable VHF/UHF radio.
The main problem was the programming of my favourites frequencies. I started to grab informations from the internet regarding the software I need and, most important, what cable to use.
The internet is very poor in informations about PG-4W, the programming cable, but there are a lot of vendors (from 12 to 25 EUR/cable) which is quite inacceptable for me... I do know how to make a PC to Radio cable!
So, I prepared myself with a RS232<>TTL adapter (with MAX232), one 2,5mm stereo jack and some lenght of cable, a female DB9 COM port and some patience...
First step was to read carefully the User manual where it states that the radio conect directly to the PC.

To be sure I was measuring the voltage on the PC conector at the radio.
It was -6V (RS232 zero logic level) which means the radio has a RS232<>TTL level adapter inside. So, indeed, tha radio connect directly to the PC Com port...
I made the connections, but the software returns (over and over...) a communication error (Timeout).
So, I started to search for a reason. Maybe the software expect some signaling on the other ports of the COM...
I realise that, when I push the "Read Radio" command on PC, on the COM port RTS appeared a voltage swing. Hmmmm..... so, the Radio <> PC cable is not so simple...
So I connected the RTS with CTS and DCD with DTR and, BINGO!!!!, all was OK!
So, here is the diagram of the PG-4W programming cable for the Kenwood TH-D7 portable radio...

 Later Edit: Tom, NV1U sent me the following diagram made on his tablet:

 TNX Tom!

There is NO ERROR!!! The 2,5 mm plug diagram is not reverted!!!
The manual states that the tip is TxD and the ring is RxD. The TxD and the RxD on the plug ARE FROM THE RADIO VIEW
The radio transmit data to the PC by the tip of the plug and the signal goes to the RxD on COM port at the PC!

For programming the radio I use a IBM X61T with a USB<>COM adapter and the MCP-D7G, ver.1.01.

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